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What is Myopia?

myopia control lake forest caWhat is Myopia?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an inability to focus on things in the distance. If you are myopic, you will typically have trouble seeing things like street signs when driving but retain good vision when looking at objects close up.
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A recent 2009 study by the NIH concluded that the prevalence of myopia in the US has increased 66.4% in the 30 years from 1971 to the early 2000s. Moreover, worldwide it is now estimated that 23%of the population is nearsighted and that number is expected to rise to 50% by 2050.

Myopia Control Program

Although there is no cure for myopia, South County Eye Care is now offering two treatment options that can slow down myopic progression by up to 50%. Parents that are concerned about the development of myopia in their children can choose between orthokeratology (Corneal Refractive Therapy, CRT) and myopia control soft contact lenses. There are advantages to each treatment regimen and your doctor can help you decide which one is best for your child.

Our Myopia Control Program is designed to slow down myopic progression using specialty contact lenses. Progress will be carefully monitored and a participant’s vision will be evaluated every 6 months while enrolled in the program. The first year of the program which includes fitting and training of the contact lenses and a 6 month progress check, costs $699 for the CRT option and $399 for the soft contact lens option (materials costs are additional). Subsequent years both treatment approaches are $199 per year (material costs are additional) and this price includes progress checks every 6 months.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Lenses worn at night while you sleep
Requires daily disinfection and cleaning
Lenses replaced every 6-12 months
Clear daytime vision without Cls

Myopia Control Soft Lenses

Lenses worn during the day
No cleaning or disinfection
Lenses replaced daily
Lowest risk of infection


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